Audit And Assurance Services

Our belief that audit and assurance services are a 'profit centre' rather than a 'cost centre' have also been endorsed by our clients; the testimony of which lies in our decades long association with them. We believe that audit and assurance services are an essential tool available to all stakeholders, including the management, to provide greater assurance of information and in-depth understanding of the affairs of an organization.

We constantly strive to raise the bar of expectations from our audit services, to ensure continuous value addition for our clients. Besides ensuring statutory compliances and reporting on the financial statements, we provide expert opinion and insight into various areas like internal controls, legal interpretations, processes and polices, risk management, etc.

Our experienced and well trained professionals have the ability to meticulously examine records without missing the bigger picture. Our distinctiveness lies in our ability to understand the client's business drivers and needs and focus on core risk areas. Yeshwant Mehta & Co is a leading CA firm in Mumbai offering auditing and assurance services in Mumbai.

Statutory Audit

Statutory audit assignments are governed by the framework established by law.

Our unique approach and methodology, varied industry experience spread over 3 years and in-depth technical knowledge enables us to adequately validate the information, assumptions and estimates represented in financial statements to consistently deliver quality audit.

Constant improvement programs initiated by us help our clients to prepare for forthcoming changes in accounting rules, regulation and standards. Our management letter highlights various aspects of operations including robustness of accounting systems which acts as valuable tool for our clients. Yeshwant Mehta & Co is reputed Chartered Accountants in Mumbai offering services for statutory company audit.

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